4 Healthy Habits that Increases Workplace Productivity

healthy habits

Ann Gabriel | ExecutiveChronicles

Having a healthy habit increases employee performance and efficiency.

Healthy workers are the happiest and most productive workers in any company. Studies have shown that employees in tip top shape exhibit high performance and efficiency levels. Poor health often results in lower job perfornmance, productivity and attendance.


Engagement will always be at a high when people are people are healthy. Employees that show signs of discomfort, pain, stress and emotional distress all take focus off tasks and workplace relationships that result in a disconnect and can have negative impacts on the workers.

What healthy habits do we need to have in order for our employees to be in their most productive state?

1.Get enough sleep

The primary consideration to employ healthy habits is sleeping 8 hours everyday. If we don’t then we are depriving ourselves from the much needed rest that our body deserves. Twenty to thirty minutes of less sleep everyday can impair cognition and performance.

In a research that was made, sleep deprivation has a cumulative effect over time.

People who sleep 30 to 60 minutes earlier for several nights in a row can give them a sense of how they feel and behave when fully rested. Fully rested people are more calmer, alert and relaxed.

2.Change the uncomfortable office chair

Oftentimes, the chair that we use can greatly affect how we feel during working hours. Most likely, we don’t have a choice of buying the office chair, but if we are working from home, it is best if we invest in a chair that’s ergonomically designed for maximum support and comfort.

More than half of workers say  that they suffer from back pain or physical discomfort because of their desk chairs.

The wrong office chair can cause discomfort, fatigue, sluggishness and can affect focus.

3.Increase physical activity

Smartphones and tablets have taken workers time and attention. This deprives workers of the need to do more physical activity.

Although, we do agree that gym workouts is fast becoming a popular choice for many employees after work, midday exercise breaks can benefit more than just our health.

Having healthy habits of exercise during breaks can increase employee creativity. Even if your office doesn’t have an attached gym, you can still make time for workout breaks during the day. Walking meetings and taking the stairs instead of the elevator are encouraged.

4.Bring your own baon

It’s very tempting to buy snacks from the vending machines or nearby convenience stores. It is also quite ok to reward yourself once in a while, but having too much of these indulgences can make employees feel sluggish and unproductive.

Bring your own baon of healthy sandwiches, or veggie salad and steer away from saturated fats and sugar. This will be helpful in increasing your weight loss efforts, and will make you stay focused throughout the day.

Employers should support employees.

Although employees are responsible for their own food choices, a little support from the company won’t hurt.  Recognizing and rewarding employees for health and wellness efforts can boost involvement in such programs.

A health rewards or point system can be institutionalized, to increase employee engagement. In a reward or point system, employees can accumulate points and redeem them for health and wellness offerings.


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