4 Essential Leadership Skills Most Managers Lack

By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles

Being a manager is more than just having the perks of bossing around and having what you need with just a snap of a finger.

Being a manager is being a good leader who possesses essential skills and values. Do you have what it takes to be a manager?

Take note of these essential leadership skills which, unfortunately, lack in most managers:

Leadership Skills (2)


This leadership skill is the capacity of “keeping your cool” despite hearing a negative or startling news. It also involves being able to resist the urge to blame but instead pausing for a while, analyzing the situation and coming up with a solution as a team.

This skill is also essential so that the leaders can allow their subordinates to decide and be responsible if something goes wrong with their area of responsibility.

Providing feedback

According to 1400 executive polled by The Ken Blanchard Companies, one common mistake that leaders make is failing to provide feedback. Feedback is telling your subordinates straightforward and objectively where and when they go wrong.

It also involves giving credit when it is due. Point out their mistake as objective as you can and tell them sincerely that you are concerned with improving their performance.

Also, keep in mind to never provide negative feedback in front of other employees. Remember, try to correct the mistake but not to humiliate the person concerned.


Most managers still lacks this leadership skill because they feel that they are the only one qualified to do a certain job. Solve this dilemma by dividing each task to achieve a certain goal and decide which ones you can delegate to a trusted employee and which ones should you handle by yourself.

As a manager, you have to admit that you cannot do everything alone. You have to share your workload with the team.

That way you can also gain a better insight of your subordinate’s personality, and they can have an insight of you as their leader. Improve your delegation skills through this successful delegation article.


Resiliency or the ability to recover quickly from disruption or change is innate in us humans but unfortunately, many managers lack this important leadership skill. In any aspect of our lives, even at work or at home, “misfortunes” are bound to happen.

The only certain thing is that no matter how disrupted we may seem, life and work should go on. As the captain of the ship, it is the manager who should quickly stand firm on his feet and take hold when the boat is being whipped by a wave of problems and challenges.

The tasks of being a manager are really challenging that’s why you need to possess these leadership skills if you want to have a solid function of individuals working together as a team.