4 Different Applications Of Stubby Holders That You Should Know

Different Applications Of Stubby Holders
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Executive Chronicles | 4 Different Applications Of Stubby Holders That You Should Know | A stubby holder is a sleeve or cylinder meant to insulate a beverage from external heat sources while it is in its vessel. Stubby holders are known as stubby holders in Australia since the term ‘stubby’ refers to a 375ml bottle of beer. Stubby – because they are shorter and thicker than other bottles, such as 330ml export beers. Outside of Australia, stubby holders are can coolers, coolers, and koozies in the United States. Regardless of the various names given for these instruments, they all serve a similar purpose. As such, many individuals buy stubby holders online to achieve the same endeavour.

While the primary purpose of a stubby holder is to insulate the beverage from external heat sources, people have found innovative ways to use these tools. Here are the versatile applications of these instruments.

Applications of Stubby Holders

As mentioned earlier, stubby holders are highly versatile instruments. Many people prefer them for their immense applicational abilities. They’re lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. This fact makes them excellent products for a plethora of reasons. As such, here are some of the various ways people incorporate these stubby holders in their lives.

i) Portability – The stubby holder can be found prevalently in most places in today’s scenario. From the bush to the coast, at parties and celebrations, backyards to construction sites, sporting ovals to the golf course. There aren’t many places in Australia where one won’t run into the much-loved stubby holder.

ii) Advertisement – Can coolers are an excellent choice for a promotional product that is guaranteed to catch the attention of potential consumers. In every scenario, one’s brand logo will be visible on stubby coolers. Stubby Holders come in handy to advertise various products and services. As such, these instruments have had a massive impact on advertising multiple agencies in the industry. 

iii) Safe –  In today’s scenario, safety is the topmost concern for most people. During the advent of the pandemic, people have become highly health conscious and do not indulge in the purchase of unnecessary equipment that can prove to be dangerous to their health. As such, the stubby holder made of neoprene fabric or a foam sleeve is viable on various beverage containers, cans, and bottles, including wine and water bottles. As such, these fabrics are hypoallergenic and do not cause allergic reactions to individuals that use them. The safety factor is one of the most important reasons why individuals prefer stubby holders for their beverages. 

iv) Aesthetic – Finally, these stubby holders are aesthetically pleasing. They come in a plethora of colours and designs. People often notice these holders when one is drinking while utilising these holders for insulation. People often get mesmerised by the creative designs and application of stubby holders in workplaces and home spaces. As such, these make for excellent products that are versatile and effective.

In conclusion, stubby holders are instruments that originated in the US during the ’70s and ’80s. However, in today’s scenario, people purchase customised stubby holders online for promotional needs and the versatile nature of these instruments. Many organisations use stubby holders to advertise their company’s products and services. With the advent of an increase in competition on a global level, a few organisations also purchase stubby holders to deliver motivational messages to employees during beverage breaks and office hangouts. In such instances, these cute holders are excellent instruments as they are versatile and deliver effective and efficient results desired by individuals and organisations.

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