4 of the Most Creative Dental Marketing & Advertising Ideas


Traditionally, most of the people knew some company’s services because of their reliability on word-of-mouth marketing style. However, because of the turned on Google searches, people nowadays look for information and review that will help them pick the company’s service.  That is why it makes marketing more engaging and active most especially to people who are inclined to the internet.

Moreover, because of this, dental business signs are vital.  So, this article will serve as your guide to make your dental business identity more marketable.  Thus, these are the proposed six most creative dental marketing and advertising ideas:

Ask Dental Patients for Reviews

An authoritative source in getting reviews is in User-generated content (UGC).  It is the most influential type of marketing medium because other users trust this more than any other considerations that you put in your site.  Why on UGC? It is because every dental site would probably say that they have the best cleanings in town. That is the reason why the review of other people will help them work for you.

Aside from having a higher potential rank in local searches, it will also help you establish trust and credibility quickly to the possible patients you might have.  As far as marketing is the concern, the more positive reviews that a site could acquire the more clients it will surely have.

Aside from the reviews in Google which is the most essential, reviews in your Facebook Page should be the second priority.  By this, it will be another media to showcase all the great things that your patient has while enjoying your dental services.  

Create Shareable Images and Post on your site

As a client’s friend look for the best dental entity, you should be keen on what you include in your website.  Your posts which contain images and jobs must be sharable in such a way that you can:

  • Define your dental entity to others.  You need to give people the sense of what they need and what you care about rather than giving them a foreseen image of the possible person they could be.
  • Bring valuable and entertaining content to others because 49% of people say that sharing allows them to inform others of products they care about which in the latter part would be potentially changing negative opinions of others.
  • Create simple infographics that can be easily comprehended because if such were used, many people would find it readable and enjoyable which can sway potential patients.
  • Share before and after looks.  Through this, viewers of the site will probably be seeing that the dental identity has a compelling service offered.

By establishing this in your site, viewers can discern the validity and reliability that your dental service is offering.   

Create Dental Videos and Invest in Video Making

Mostly, top dental profiles become noticeable because they incorporate one precious type of media which is videos.  

As seen on the online traffic in the US, 85% of it is caused by watching videos.  So chances are, your potential customers might be viewing the content of the video that your competitors have.  That is the reason why you need to invest in informative dental videos. Thus, it may include the following:

  • Website welcome videos.  The content of this video should introduce the facility of your office or clinic.  Always consider making them glance at the human side and empathy that your dental profile offers.
  • Dentists profile videos. Giving your potential clients a sight of who are your dentists would be will give them a great way to increase their trust in your dental business because they will see the affiliation and credentials that they are soon to be dentists.
  • Patient Review Videos.  Most of the people will scrutinize the effectiveness of the service by taking a look at the comments and reactions that the clients have given.
  • Educational Videos.  These include the benefits, risks, and harm if they will not engage themselves in proper dental care.  Even the most frequent questions that are addressed by clients can also be part of the content in this type.
  • Procedure and treatment overviews.  In this content, the moment you perform dental surgeries, take a clip of it and create videos of the procedure overview and the after-effects.  

Make sure that you will only show minimal portions not the totality to maintain confidentiality within the client.

Update and optimize your blog posts and dental website pages for SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization.  It is the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results which are returned by a search engine.  Moreover, since much dental marketing is coming out in the internet industry, optimizing and updating your page can almost immediately attract more patients.

Your goal should be that your site pops up in local listings and paid searches.  So, aim in your website and your ad campaign for location-based keywords. Do not immediately seek to rank as “best dentist” because the dental practices need to list for location-based search individually.  


The best dental marketing ideas work together in varied ways to make new patients come towards your dental services.  

Consider these dental business signs in marketing and advertising your dental services. Investing towards your profile online will help you boost your business identity.  Through this, good clients and potential customers will surely be enticed to come back and visit your dental services.