4 Areas Litigation Lawyers in Melbourne Can Assist With

Getting a divorce from your partner - Why should you seek the help of a divorce lawyer? 4 Areas Litigation Lawyers in Melbourne Can Assist With

Executive Chronicles | 4 Areas Litigation Lawyers in Melbourne Can Assist With | Wondering what areas of law litigation lawyers in Melbourne can assist with? Read on to find out four of the top areas that litigation lawyers can help you with. 

Tax Issues

Disputes with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or any other state revenue office require support and advice from litigation lawyers in Melbourne. You should be able to find a team of litigation lawyers who have expertise in negotiations with the ATO and other organizations, representing clients to ensure their needs are taken into account. Reputable litigation lawyers can help you with issues such as ATO letters of demand, garnishee notices, legal proceedings, statutory demands for payment of debt, wind up proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings, remission or reduction of tax penalties and general interest charges, objections to tax decisions, advice on contacting the ATO or other organizations, tax audit support, self-managed super fund superannuation disputes, and obtaining private rulings. When you engage litigation lawyers, they can also help you with all tax-related legal matters such as income tax, GST, payroll tax and stamp duty, capital gains tax and land tax. 

Business Litigation

If you’re facing business litigation, you might need help from a litigation lawyer to get out of your situation. While it is sometimes possible to resolve issues quickly without litigation through various kinds of mediation, at other times, a court appearance is the only option. At these times, you need litigation lawyers in Melbourne that you know you can trust. Choose litigation lawyers who have many years of experience and deep levels of expertise to help you when you’re in the midst of business litigation.

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes come in various shapes and sizes. A shareholder could be acting irresponsibly or fraudulently, or they could be experiencing sickness and unable to complete their usual work duties. Sometimes, it’s a case of the ending of a business relationship, and a party wants to be free to pursue other activities. Occasionally, one shareholder could be acting against the best interests of other shareholders. Issues that litigation lawyers in Melbourne commonly come across in shareholder disputes include a shareholder acting contrary to the interests of members, not allowing access to company documents, inappropriate use of company money, and omitting shareholders and directors from meetings. No two shareholder disputes are the same, so it’s imperative that you hire litigation lawyers to get to the bottom of any problems you’re experiencing with shareholders. By engaging litigation lawyers as early on as possible, you will have more time for your lawyers to lay out the options moving forward. 

Employee Disputes

Employment law is an intricate area of legal proceedings that only the most reputable litigation lawyers in Melbourne should be entrusted with. Employment disputes can have far-reaching consequences, not just on your business reputation but also on existing and future employees as well. That’s why you need highly experienced litigation lawyers to help you navigate through the maze. The kinds of employee disputes that you can seek help with range from unfair dismissal to lawful dismissal and bullying and harassment, to name just a few.