3 Traits you need to avoid to enjoy working


By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles


Imagine that you finish all your tasks daily and on time.  If you do, it is possible that you enjoy more time with your special someone, attend a short course about photography or digital marketing, and get a sideline gig. If in real life you always find yourself exhausted, blank, and late in submitting your works– then you have problems.  Here are the few bad habits that affect your productivity and enjoyment of work:


Analyzing and thinking are good, but when you add the prefix “over” that’s when the problems kick in. Why worry about the outcome when you don’t try the process and even starting your work? Why you have to consider other’s impressions if you know that a task is just for you?

Overthinking is natural in some people and they suffer from it without them knowing it. It affects how they relate to their co-workers and their hope to level up because they also become pessimistic. Two reminders to remember so you don’t become over thinker are don’t try to become perfect and avoid assumptions.

Setting unrealistic time frame  

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Deadline is a target to beat and budgeting your time is your weapon to fulfill it. The rule of thumb here is to get ample time when you can work conveniently and efficiently.  Thus, if you feel you’re stressed and cramming, then you actually set unrealistic working time for yourself.  Not minding your time has consequences like late submission, overtime, pressures from your boss, and delayed or cancellation of your non-work activities.


Focus is such a big word because there are other things that involve to have it, like setting aside you chatting with your seatmates, checking your phones, and doing unnecessary chores. Unfocused is related to inattentiveness and distracted. At some point, you may give wrong signals to other people only because of your lack focus like being snub, unprofessional, and incompetent.  Though it’s hard, it’s good if you learn how to get in the zone at work.