3 things to enjoy when you turn 40

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Credit: Martin Miranda /Unsplash

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

If age doesn’t matter, then why they say “life begins at 40?” In contrast with weight and beauty, age is definitely something you can’t fix aside from lying.  Even in professional aspect, getting old becomes problem because some companies prefer to hire younger than matured, but wiser professionals.   Are you in your 40 something great or big 4 0h?

You can always experience or start new beginnings even in your 20 or 30s. Who says’ you can’t in your 40s, right? It just that hitting another milestone comes with different challenges and amount of understanding.  It’s about the norm that you should look younger than you’re age, but it’s awkward if you’re 40 years old and playing video games or still single and joining the dating circuits.

  • Your energy is still there, it’s just that you want to use it in your priorities are. When you’re younger, your focus is to become active. It doesn’t matter what or how, as long as you look and feel good.  People in their 40s can also exercise, but this time they also exercise their powers in some aspects such as their business, family, and stable career.  Thus, the good thing about them is they know what exactly, how to do it properly, and why they have to work smartly.


  • Credit: Pixabay
    Credit: Pixabay

    You’re not that late to try something new. Of course it’s ideal to take risk be in investing or your career when you’re younger, but it’s not too late yet for you to try. In assessing celebrities in local and international scenes, many successful ones did revolutionary act during or after their 40s. Award winning comedienne Betty White catapulted to stardom through “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” when she’s already 51.  Meanwhile, without Stan Lee’s creative mind there would be no Spider Man, Ironman, Thor or Marvel Universe. Guess what, he started his career at the age of 39.


  • You have the stronger reasons to become wiser. Practically speaking, you’re system already experiencing major changes like slow metabolism and poor eyesight. These could hamper the way you work, but not the way you think. Sometimes, people at their 40 don’t even feel anything unusual and yet they’re very health conscious. It also because of their strong sense of responsibility that they want to maintain their vigor for their families, not for their career or selves alone.