3 Simple tips to pump up Passive Job Searching

Credit: stocksnap.io

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Being currently employed is a blessing. It’s awesome that you can practice your profession or make money by following your passion. On the other hand, maybe there’s still part of you that’s asking for more like better compensation package, benefit to travel abroad or take a challenging position. Perhaps you want to search job, but you can’t actively do it because you’re too busy. If you’re waiting for a better opportunity comes along, here are the three tips you can do as a passive job seeker:

  • Professionalize your image on your social media sites such as LinkedId Profile.

Checking someone’s social media sites is one approach of head hunters to find potential employees for their vacancies.  According to a research of CareerBuilder, 52 percent of 2, 000 employers they included in their study use social media to search and evaluate candidates. Thus, try to reevaluate what you share on your Facebook, Twitter, Google + and most especially, LinkedIn. Are you showing good image based on what you post?

  • Update your profile and resume on your favorite job searching sites
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Credit: stocksnap.io

Updating your profile and resume on job searching sites has many effects.  You’re searchable and you can double check your resume’s contents so you look more interesting for employers. Perhaps, you have descriptions about your former work experiences, forgot to upload your photo or overlook few grammatical errors.  Furthermore, don’t forget to make your profile public or at least, your contact visible for employers.

  • Be marketable starting from your work and social circles

You don’t need to share exactly that you are looking for a job to get a recommendation.  Being approachable and open to discuss about things you do for your profession may give them idea whom to call in case they also have opportunity to share.  Just don’t forget to bring your calling cards that you can give for those asking and personalities you’re eyeing to be your next employers.