3 Signs Work-at-Home is not For You

Credit: stocksnap.io

Not seeing your boss every day is possibly one the most appealing features of work-at-home set up for you. This is apart from the fact, no one cares if you watch an episode of drama series every two hours.  On the other side, being home-based employee is not all about working away from people you don’t like. It also makes you feel isolated and generally an independent employee.

Work-at-Home is not for Extroverts?

Extrovert or those who are generally outgoing and sociable may find telecommuting truly challenging. Perhaps, even a cozy and high-tech home office can’t make them feel relaxed.  Whether extreme or mild, if you can’t really see yourself working alone and at home, then this set up is not for you.

 You’re known for being indecisive

Complex or simple, strong decision-making is a must in telecommuting. Again, it has something to do with being lone responsible in whatever you do.  There’s no seatmate or officemate who you can ask for quick advice.  If you have a problem with your computer, no staff from IT department who can assist you. It’s your call if you need to buy a new laptop or call a home service repairman.

Also, if you are not strong-willed person, your attention and work performance will be also affected.  Remember that in the house, the only real boundary you can mount is to stick with your self-imposed rules.

You’re dependent

work at home by stocksnap.io 2Possibly, another best term for work-at-home people is independent workers. This is not only about the physical location, but also about attitude and mentality.  Imagine that you can share your concerns with your trainer or immediate boss. However, they can’t attend or handle everything for you. In fact, most employers and clients assume you can do your job with minor or no supervision at all.  They don’t need to know your expenses and hardships you went through. The only thing that matters is your service and products of your labor.

Meanwhile, working independently doesn’t mean you are only confined to work-at-home.  You can see freelancers silently working at coffee shops.  You can do this depending on the nature or demands of your job and capacity of your gadgets.  Another alternative for freelancers, who don’t like to be home-based, is to rent a place in co-working spaces.