3 Reminders in handling multiple freelancing jobs

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By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles


Diversification is possibly one of the favorite terms in investing, in freelancing and solopreneurship as nowadays having more than one projects or jobs is rampant.  Two strong reasons about these are career fulfillment and security of steady sources of income.  Apparently, doing multiple things is freelancers’s way to cope up with their professional, financial, and personal struggles.  How the successful ones do this?

Stick with your forte, but feel free to discover

Jumping to a field you don’t know can be fatal. However, it’s also bad if you don’t evolve and progress. That’s why if you’re good in videography, stick with it first because that’s your bread and butter. If you like to become a scriptwriter too, because it’s closely related things, learn and train yourself. You may seek advices and opinions from your clients, but be clear with them you’re in the learning stage. Don’t offer half-baked kind of service because you’re not ready yet.  If you do, you only add stressors in your smooth sailing freelancing life and worst, put your career or reputation at risk.

Priorities, but don’t undervalue

To begin with, each job has own requirements and significance that needed to be recognized apart from monetary value.  Let’s say you’re a regular consultant in a business firm and you also handle a campaign work for an environmental organization. The latter may give you less fee, but you find it a worthy task on a personal level. Thus, the key here is be attentive in what you need to do in a particular schedule so you have time and energy for the other stuff.  Remember that juggling two different jobs at the same time is both confusing and produce zero quality outputs.  Always honor your employers and clients.

Enjoy your freelancing journey with support groups

Credit: Unsplash/ Sascha Oberholzer
Credit: Unsplash/ Sascha Oberholzer

Of course, you have to be aware of the limits and challenges in handling various accounts.  However if you only focus on the tedious and negative sides, the next thing you know is you want to quit.  Like the others, it’s important that you breathe positive vibes so your system as a freelancers become stronger. Instead of retreating from your fears, do actions that makes you feel comfortable and confident like joining freelancing groups.  They will make you feel you are not alone and you can be a versatile freelancer handling regular multiple jobs.