3 Reasons Why it’s good to have Part Time, Freelance Jobs

upwork, fiverr, elance

In the field of investing, they say lay your eggs in different baskets for your safety, but how about in the work field?   Regular employees boxed in 8 to 5 or 9 to 6  office hours that without a doubt they surrender their time and energy every day.  But, if one has time management and discipline, he or she can still have way to grab extra work (also known as part time or freelance jobs) that can give several rewards.

To make use of your other talents for Part time

When a company hired you they obviously ask you to perform specific tasks according to your background.  If they get you as accountant, they don’t mind if you are also good in photography, editing and event management.

Instead of burying your other gift, why don’t you use it for occasional freelance works that help others too?  Accept editing or graphic designing jobs during your free time so you don’t only receive extra cash, but also find other things to explore. In fact, your freelance work may help you to avoid burn out.

To turn your past time into enterprising time

There’s nothing wrong in gaming and shopping especially if you have time and money to spend. But at the end of the day, these and especially severe vices such as gambling may drain your vigor in life.  So instead of wasting your time watching TV for hours, why don’t you try to work on something that will give you cash.   Do you know UpWork (already oDesk), Elance, and freelancers.ph?  The usual jobs available on these sites are internet researching, typing and even translating. But Fiverr, and its local version 199Jobs has different twist. You’ll post ad about the services you can offer like for example sharing a Youtube post 50 times or blog commenting.

To keep fund for your travel, investment or hobbies

Do you find yourself wanting to replace your old guitar, but can’t even buy a new string for it?  If you have extra source of income, you’ll be not guilty to spend money for your arts, sports and other hobbies. You salary from your day job   is for your regular expenses such as bills, insurance and loads. Meanwhile, what you get from your part time or freelance job is for your next travel in Boracay, Hong Kong or Japan.  Also with part time jobs, it’s going to be easy for you to save money for your emergency or retirement fund.