3 Reasons that Prove Freelancing is a Business

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Contrary to usual impressions, freelancers think about themselves as self-employed entrepreneurs. Meaning, it’s part of their systems how to become marketable, have regular clients, and keep continuous income streams.  This is the important value that newbie freelancers must learn and must remember for the veteran in the field, freelancing is also entrepreneurship.

The surprising fact that most self-employed people forget is to get more works, they should think and act as businessmen. It’s not only about to make a lucrative career, but also to boost their income and establish their finances.

If you think as a mere employee, better to keep a full time office-base job. Why? Businessmen find ways to sell their products and services. They don’t wait for someone to tap their shoulders before they initiate marketing strategies and negotiations. It’s not that the employees “can’t,” but it’s why they “don’t” make relevant actions. Perhaps, it’s because they need to follow orders from their bosses or afraid of the consequences.  Freelancers can’t be that passive, they should be always proactive to turn bosses into clients where they have say about their time, salary, and tasks to do.

Business-mindset will program you to do take and handle financial risks.  If you’re a regular employee, you are get accustomed to receive your salary per ten days. This is safer than freelancing where you’ll experience dry to ample payment. Before you receive ideal or higher income, you have to go beyond working to get money. You also need to learn cost cutting, investing in quality machines or gadgets, attend seminars or events, and more just to survive and thrive.

If you don’t think as an entrepreneur, you will be frustrated as a freelancer. Given the reasons above, freelancing can’t be frustrating to the extent you will regret why you even try it.  There are other factors why others fail, but one of those would be they handle their freelance jobs as sidelines. Technically, some telecommuters’ job are look exactly as a sideline. However, if you are freelancer with entrepreneurial mindset you will treat your gig professionally. Why?  First and foremost, freelancers main source of income are these so called sidelines.  Furthermore, you will not see it as something you do on your spare time. Instead,  you budget your time to handle it fast and effectively so you find more projects.