3 Powerful Reasons to Go for More Nature Trips this Year


By: Ana Margarita Olar|  Executivechronicles.com

As a manager, you can’t help but to spend six or more hours on the computer.

Reviewing reports, attending meetings and training can make your body weaken and feel stressed.

A great remedy is to find your way out and spend time with nature. Here are the reasons why:

Green relaxes the mind

If you always feel depressed or feeling stressed; try to look on trees or spend a 10 minute break on the garden. Looking on something green while walking on the park or mountain hiking can calm your mind. It also enhances your vitality.

Looking on something green can tame the stress and help you focus on more productive things rather than stressing yourself out.

It will be always helpful for your health and wellness to schedule a time to hike or choose to work on areas where the vegetation is good. If you can’t find the time, another alternative is to put ornamental plants on your working table and around your office. This will create a healthier environment for you and your staff as well.

Nature strengthen your immunity

Plants emit an airborne chemical called phytoncides. Experts said that these airborne chemicals helped to increase immune function.

When you spend a time to walk on areas where there are many plants like parks and forest; you’ll be able to benefit from these immune-boosting chemicals.

It also increases your air exchange; you’ll be able to supercharge your lungs, brains, and cells with oxygen from the trees.

Walking around the trees can also help you decrease the amount of cortisol (a hormone produced from stress). It can help to lower your blood pressure and calm your pulse too.


Nature makes you happy

Nature has the ability to make you feel happy because of certain reasons:

  • Your eyes are refreshed.
  • You’ll feel free.
  • Reduces your stress and negativity.
  • Makes you feel reconnected.
  • …And so on.

Spending more time with trees, sand, sea has numerous benefits to your health. Make sure to schedule a time to take some nature trips this weekend.