3 Negative Views about Career,Money You Should not Follow

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Commonly our views are conform on norms and traditions that not necessarily right, but just followed by majority. Whether it directly or indirectly about money matters, you have to be open-minded in the views that only set by self-righteous and unrealistic folks. What are the negative ideas you should not follow so enjoy life and be financially fit?

The value of the person is according to his/her salary.  More often than not, one of the common questions ask in social gatherings is “what is your job” or “what do you do for a living.”  Then you openly explain the things about your job. Isn’t insulting to think if they just want to know how much is your salary? It doesn’t matter if you’re a lawyer if you’re doing services for pro bono or you’re dedicated teacher if you earnings is low.

If you follow this view, you’re degrading noble professionals and devalue non-monetary works you can do for other people or vice versa.

Seniority system.  We should know how to respect, especially older people, but it doesn’t involve giving up something you deserve.  What the silent issue about office politics is it’s more of “seniority system.” It’s a reasoning of people, who come first, are only entitled to get rewards in the place they claim as their territories.

While “first come first serve” is a good policy, it’s not applicable for all aspects of business.  Employees are not customers to please, but partners or aces who deserve recognitions based on their performances. Do you think you need to grow old first to become rich?

fear of success Pixabay 1The unknown is too bad/risky. Discovering the unknown is either scary or exciting.  Perhaps if all people are too scared of the unknown, we will never have scientists, astronauts, telephone, smartphones, music videos or Youtube. However, what more ridiculous about this issue is creating scary stories and negative rumors based on their feelings.

Believing in people’s baseless impressions may sabotage your success.  Meanwhile, trying the unknown without having “calculated risk” measures is bad move as well.  Thus, the best thing you can do make unknown known is to study it carefully because not all unknown are literally “unknown.” They possibly just sound unfamiliar for people in a particular culture or country.