3 Mindsets You Should Have to Become a Better Leader


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Executivechronicles.com

The world needs better leaders. Companies need not only managers but leaders you can help to uplift motivation and inspiration.

Here are the 3 mindsets to help you become a better leader:

Mindset No. 1: Appreciative Mindset

Many managers loved to catch employees while they are doing wrong. But like in parenting, negative discipline is not effective for growth.

Instead, cultivate an appreciative mindset. This mindset is where you will catch employees doing right. Simply said, offer words of appreciation.

This kind of thinking will lessen your stress and will create a productive environment. It will build respect more than fear. It will encourage creativity and idea beyond repetitive work.

But, it doesn’t mean that you will tolerate staff that came late at work. You still need to discipline them and offer constructive advice.

leader mindset (1)

Mindset No. 2: Positive Mindset

Leaders need to be the source of positive energy in the company. In contrary, many executives do carry a negative effect whenever they are around.

Make it a goal that your employee will still be doing what they should do with or without you.

When challenges come, it is your job to work with employees and flip the obstacles into an opportunity.

I say with the employee because your presence is a great motivation if you know how to influence them positively.

Mindset No. 3: Productivity Mindset

There are managers who get irritated when seeing employees who seem not busy doing the job. Take in mind that being busy is different from being productive.  Base the employee’s performance on their accomplishments more than how busy they looked every day.

Respect that each employee is unique and has different means to finish their daily tasks.

Avoid the judgmental mindset and focus on the value that these employees bring to the company.

Practice these mindsets to help you make a better leader for your company.