3 Industries Filipino Job Seekers Can Expect to Rebound in 2021

3 Industries Filipino Job Seekers Can Expect to Rebound in 2021 woman-resume
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ExecutiveChronicles.com | 3 Industries Filipino Job Seekers Can Expect to Rebound in 2021 | When 2020 rolled in, no one really thought about the possibility that they’d lose their job or that their company would close down in the next few months. Yet, the unemployment rate in the Philippines soared to 17.7 percent in April, which meant that more than 7.3 million adult Filipinos lost their jobs in the past year.3 Industries Filipino Job Seekers Can Expect to Rebound in 2021 Some sectors felt the blow brought about by the pandemic more than others. The employment level in the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry dropped by 73 percent, for example, while a third of the workers employed in the food and accommodation sectors lost their livelihood. 

The year 2021 is more promising than its predecessor. The development of COVID-19 vaccines gives hope that society will return to normal sooner than later. Businesses are also continuously making adjustments so they can ensure the safety and well-being of their employees and customers as they expand their operations. With the economy opening up, there’s also a greater opportunity for the people who lost their jobs in 2020 to find a new place of employment. It’s a smart career move to join an industry that’s taken steps to improve its resiliency against disasters and pandemics. If you’re looking for Philippine jobs that offer stability and better career options this 2021, make sure to consider these industries that are expected to rebound this year:   


Remote work became a norm for many companies in the previous year, and this has changed our working habits and team dynamics. In the future, many companies will require their employees to report back to the office. However, work-from-home is now a legitimate option for businesses, and some employees and employers are more than willing to continue adopting this setup even after the pandemic is over. As such, companies will need to employ additional technical support staff and services so that they can operate seamlessly despite not having all of their employees in a single location. This makes 2021 a good time to apply for tech-related positions or check out job openings in tech companies.

Leisure Travel

Not a lot of people enjoy being cooped up at home for extended periods, especially if they have to work and live in the same place. We’re about to celebrate the anniversary of the lockdown in some parts of the Philippines, and you can rest assured that almost everyone has dreamed of taking a holiday at this point. With the easing restrictions in local travel, it’s likely that many Filipinos will make up for the holidays they missed after such a stressful year. 

The local transportation and accommodation sectors have been hit hard by the pandemic, but some industry experts also argue that leisure travel will make a serious comeback in 2021. Once the vaccination program kicks off, people will start booking flights and hotels and the demand for leisure travel, accommodations, and services will shoot up. It will take some time before airlines, hotels, and other related businesses can recover fully, but if you’re keen on setting up a solid foundation for a career in the hospitality or travel industry for yourself, 2021 is a good time to look for openings in this area. It’s also reassuring to know that some of the leading companies in the leisure travel industry have taken serious measures to prepare their businesses should a pandemic of a similar scale occur in the future.  

Business travel, on the other hand, may need a few more years before bouncing back completely. In part, this is because leisure travel is discretionary and business travel is not. While individuals can decide to book a holiday on a whim, most companies would seriously consider the necessity of traveling for business before setting aside funds for this additional expense. 

Online Retail 

In the past months, consumers have become more reliant on online shops to access food, grocery items, and other supplies without leaving their homes. The increase in online shopping activity has led to the exponential growth of many online businesses. At some point, business owners will need to employ more staff members to sustainably grow their brand and respond to the changing needs of their target market.  

Job hunters are likely to find more openings in the retail and food delivery industries this year. Both new and established entrepreneurs need tech experts and general staff members who can help them transition from brick-and-mortar shops to digital platforms. Businesses that belong to the F&B industry will also need to add to their manpower so that they can continue providing standout dining experiences via their partner delivery services. 

Getting a job in the tech, leisure travel, or online retail sector will ensure that you’re poised for growth once the vaccines arrive and the country starts to recover from the ravages of the pandemic. If you’re interested in joining any of these industries, now is a good time to plan your next career move and send out applications.