3 Considerations in Choosing a Job Offer

Credit: Pixabay

By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Why when you’re already hired by someone or got a good job offer – another tempting opportunity comes? Coincident or not, it’s still stressful to think that you may lose better chance or try something that will put your career at risk. To help you with your decision-making, here are some considerations before you accept a job offer:

  • You think it’s the job you can enjoy and explore longer

Your next job doesn’t necessarily almost the same of your previous one. But it is exciting and enriching to take a new position that will test your abilities.   On the other side, you should also analyze which one you can enjoy not because it looks interesting or gives higher pay.  You’ll find satisfaction in a place where growth is possible and you love what you do.

  • The salary is worth it

Getting satisfying salary than the previous one doesn’t mean it covers your expenses and your other interests. If you get a little higher salary, but you’ll perform more tasks that put your health at risk then that’s a red flag. Another point to consider are the demands about your time and energy. Your current position may pay you less, but still give you leeway to do sidelines and time with your family. If still the money that matters to you, at least pick the company that will let you get competitive salary that help to boost your financial status.

  • Examine the company’s culture versus your values
Credit: stocksnap.io
Credit: stocksnap.io

Working in a company that has different culture and opposite values against yours is quite risky. It may not only bring stress, but also personal crisis and career mistake.  Remember what keeps you working and beliefs that build your individuality so you’ll also can set boundaries.

On the other hand, take a chance to ask your potential employer of the questions related to these considerations and other factors.  Asking the company directly will help you to decide right away.