3 Career Lessons in games like Puzzle Pets, Candy Crush


By: MJ Gonzales | Executive Chronicles

Playing a mobile game serves as a past time for busy folks. It’s a digital stress-buster that kills time and distracts you from the complexities of your work environment. On the other hand, it can also motivate in the way you face your job or business.


  • Winning is not mere strategy– Arguably, there are people who are gifted. They can solve puzzles and can move to the next round in no time. However, even a skilled player also tastes failures too, especially if they’re not familiar with the game or it’s just simply hard. Thus, it’s safe to say that playing is also some form of risk-taking like when you do decision-making, and accept failures.  You can’t really tell your chances of winning because you are using the available pieces against the given maze. Same with work, when you have a few choices that can create or diminish your chances of achieving your goal. You should also be careful because of certain limitations and consequences.
  • Pet Puzzles by Gameloft
    Pet Puzzles by Gameloft

    Sometimes you don’t expect to have a bonus or win the battle. When things get tougher and you’re about to think you’re losing (again and again?), a lucky piece or move can save, give you bonus points, and make you a runaway winner. In business, experiencing a string of failures can happen, too. Then, when you think it’s time to give up as you are nearing bankruptcy, someone comes or something miraculous happens. It suits the gritty mantra of businessmen of ‘never say die’ till the last drop or till you succeed.

  • You’ll win as long as you never give up. Playing games is mere a hobby or a time killer so why make big issue if you lose? You can always try as long there’s battery, an internet connection or a mobile phone. But then again, you keep on playing till you finish the game in victory. In career or business, achievements are only rounds or chapters to go through.  If you don’t count how many times you fail or try, winning is your sole destiny.