3 Big Factors to Consider in Career Change


MJ Gonzales │ExecutiveChronicles.com

Career change is not as simple as quitting from your day job since it involves deeper reflection to know what and where you really want. It’s also beyond getting high salary and walking out from an erratic boss.  Career change is pursuing the passion that may or not closely in line of you current job, but you direly like to try out of passion or for a change of direction.

You’re 99.9% sure.   “Fortune favors the brave” is an inspiring quote for career shifters because it takes a brave heart to work on something far from their comfort zones.  Now it’s going to be a toiling journey, if they’re actually taking a wrong solution and not a well-thought answer to their career life question.

Ask yourself if you’re not good in what you’re doing, does it mean you need a career change or right away? What about honing your skills first? Are your concept swayed by ideals of others?

career change Pixabay_FotorDo Your Research.  It helps doing thorough research and talks with experts in that field.  Attend as many seminars as you can to get ideas and at the same time, to meet people who have same passions like yours.

On the other hand, you can also try to do it as a sideline or take apprenticeship first.  With that you can test the water before your grand dive. Perhaps, along the way you’ll find better ways to fulfill your dream or you need more time.

 Save a Transition fund. If you’re at this point and finally have the courage to try it, the first thing you should check is your financial status.  If as an account executive you can sustain Php 30,000 monthly expenses, how about if you shift to being an event photographer? Will you have clients immediately and regularly?

You’re lucky if you can afford to pay your bills even if you’re  have unsteady income while in you’re in transition period. Otherwise, you should build funds before you quit.