2020 Must-Visit Romantic Vacation Destinations

2020 Must-Visit Romantic Vacation Destinations 2020-Executive Chronicles

ExecutiveChronicles|2020 Must-Visit Romantic Vacation Destinations|Getting hitched in 2020? Or are you just looking for a fun place to escape to with your SO? No matter what the occasion is, you’ll definitely have a romantic vacation in your lover’s arms. Don’t know where to head to? Here are some of the most desirable romantic vacation destinations for this year.


This one’s truly a timeless destination for all couples looking for lazy days at the beach mixed with some luxury and adventure. Greece has hundreds of islands to choose from, so no matter what you’re looking for—beaches, fishing, dining or partying—you’ll find everything that your heart desires. Mykonos is perfect for party couples, Paros and Naxos are for relaxation-seekers and Santorini is usually attractive for lux travelers.

South Africa

If you’re looking for a far-away destination that will be your last hooray before kids arrive, hit South Africa. This destination will allow you to watch some of the best sunsets in the world and enjoy plenty of adventure with your better half as you explore rich African wildlife. You can choose from safari drives and shark diving to wine tastings and lux cruises. And is there anything more romantic than watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon?


If all you want is to enjoy private beaches and luxury accommodation, the Maldives are made for you. All of you looking for a laid back vacation that will provide you with plenty of time to relax, nap and get frisky in your hotel room will have an amazing time. Plus, you don’t have to pack much—bathing suits, flip flops and light evening clothing for fancy dining. And don’t forget to pack some cute lingerie that will make your romantic getaway even more romantic. No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s good to make an effort to look seductive for your partner!


If Caribbean islands are more your speed, check out Antiqua. People of this island claim they have 365 beaches for you—one for every day of the year, so don’t be surprised if you want to make your vacation longer. Also, Antiqua is easy and safe to explore without a tour guide. So, make sure to rent a good car and have a fun adventure. And when you get tired of driving around, you can return to your resort and take a bath in your private plunge pool (look for resorts with this addition—it’s worth the money).


If you’re a couple that wants to mix excitement with romance, fly to Cuba. Walk the streets of Havana hand-in-hand and enjoy the architecture, heritage, music, colors and vibrant vibes. And when the night falls, liven up your evenings by dancing your hearts out to the rhythms of salsa, rhumba and afro-jazz. This activity will definitely make you love-drunk. Finish the night by grabbing a few mojitos to take up to your room and continue dancing to wild rhythms in private.


This might be an unexpected addition to this list, but if you’re not big on beaches and sunshine, you can have a romantic getaway somewhere far away from heat and crowds. Even though usually avoided due to extremely cold weather, cruising in Antarctica has become more popular for vacationing in recent years, especially for adventurous couples. While you can book your cruise only during a short season from November to March, sights of cute penguins and giant glaciers will be all worth it. And if you’re brave enough, you can even go swimming in just-above-freezing waters of the Antarctic Peninsula and get comfortably warm in the arms of your loved one!

Both of you deserve a nice break from daily obligations, so book your romantic holiday now and forget all about work, chores and bills and just enjoy each other’s company to the fullest in one of these amazing destinations.