2020 Marketing Trends to Shake up Social Media

Marketing Trends
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ExecutiveChronicles.com | 2020 Marketing Trends to Shake up Social Media | There are hundreds of arguably great marketers that have their way with digital marketing. However, every year presents a new set of rules and changes that have an impact on the practice of digital marketing for the best results. With many suggestions to consider, there are a selected few marketing trends in 2019 that will shake up social media a big deal. Check them out below.

Micro-Influencers are now a big deal

For a while now, social influencers have had their share of success on matters of digital marketing. As the trend keeps on, 2019 has made it particular that micro-influencers are the solution to most marketing situations regarding social media. Even though macro-influencers still have a place in digital marketing, a lot of the success in it is by small wig influencers. They have a lot more understanding of the needs of the market, but more importantly, will directly reach consumers on social media, which is why brands are now forming groups of micro-influencers to work with their team.

Visuals and more visuals

If you thought you had exhausted your visual capability, it might be time for you to gear up for more. Thanks to the diversity that social media has brought into the online space, people are demanding more and more visuals. It is not just about taking a great picture anymore. A lot of the marketing in 2019 will thrive through tables, infographics, memes, and augmented realities, to mention a few. If you have not started integrating your trade show banner stands ideas in your social media visual content, start on it immediately.

Video marketing

Content is transitioning quickly in the digital space. In line with the demand for a lot of visual content, video marketing has sprouted as a key marketing concept on social media. It is in live videos, GIFs and short video clips that video marketing has become popular. The issue has further been propagated by the rise of smart mobile phones, which has undoubtedly improved shareability of video-based content.

Consumer trust

Quickly, people are beginning to be mindful of their rights and their preferences as consumers of content. This for marketers and website owners means that they must be intentional in regaining consumer trust. Other than acing it in matters of quality content sharing, you will need to remain vigilant with your interaction. Not just in keeping up with the feedback of your clients, but in personalizing the content that it becomes very relatable to the audience. Transparency in 2019 is now such a big part of the entire social and marketing process.

Real-time communication

Now that technology has made so many processes easier to execute, marketers and business owners must be at per with the audience needs of communication. It is no longer just about being timely with sharing content. Real-time communication in 2019 will continue to be a big deal, especially to audiences that are now demanding to get things done instantly. Ideally, chatbots and 24/7 customer support are becoming mandatory for business owners. As a marketer working to turn social media engagement into sales, it is time to work on getting things done in real-time. This also includes delivery of services and products, more especially for eCommerce stores.