Boosting Your SEO: A Short Guide to SEO Marketing in 2020

How Can A Chicago Agency Improve Your SEO?  SEO marketing | Boosting Your SEO: A Short Guide to SEO Marketing in 2020 | Search engine optimization, or SEO, has been a term on everyone’s lips since Google became the dominant search engine on the web — filtering millions of lines of queries every minute in order to bring up the most relevant results for customers, consumers and surfers. It’s in this context that SEO has become a developed and well-formulated form of marketing in the digital era, with countless companies springing up to help you understand how to make your site stick on Google’s results. Below, you’ll learn some key strategies to boost your SEO in 2020.

Think Keywords

One of the most important elements of an SEO strategy is to consider the keywords that you’re going to be using to attract people to your website. Let’s say you’re a pet shop. You should only use keywords that are relevant to pets, pet care, pet food, and other such things. If you’re using keywords that relate to anything else — clothes, books or music — you’re just going to confuse your consumer. As such, use keywords suggestively and selectively in order to make the most of your SEO strategy, drawing only interested web users to your site. 

Blog the Keywords

There are many places on your website where you can insert your keywords, but in general it’s best to place them in a company blog that is attached to your website. That way, you can write informed pieces about the products that you sell and your reflections on the market in which you’re operating. Those that read your posts will already be on the correct URL to part with their cash to buy a product or service from your website. 

Use Links

All websites have hyperlinks. Often, these will be internal in that they’ll link across to a sales page, or through to your home page. The problem with this system, tight as it may be, is that Google analyzes websites based on their links to other websites and trustworthy links are used to boost you up the search engine results pages. Therefore, you need to start building cross-promotional partnerships — in your locality or within your industry — in order for your website and your store to shoot to the top of Google’s search results. 

Hire Help

The truth is that, even with some expert tips provided online, you’re still going to need some hired help if you’re to make the most of the SEO principles that can be so profitable to small businesses when followed correctly. It’s here that places like SEO agency Birmingham can help you make changes to your strategy, showing you how to operate as best-in-class for your brand and your industry, and how to steal a march on your competitors by consistently finishing higher in search results against other similar businesses.

There you have it: four key tenets to your SEO strategy that should help you build a brand that’s visited more online, and traded with increasingly regularly through Google’s search results.