10 Unforgettable Experiences You Can Enjoy Only in Australia

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ExecutiveChronicles.com | 10 Unforgettable Experiences You Can Enjoy Only in Australia | Talk about a beautiful land with exciting things to do and Australia is one of the first places that comes to mind! There is no dearth of  unforgettable experiences in the land of Kangaroos for people with a discerning taste! The country is blessed with a variety of landscapes, activities and attractions for you whether you are a nature lover, obsessive tanner or a diver! Stay in one of the most beautiful Australian villas and have the time of your life. We have listen 10 unforgettable experiences that you must enjoy during your time in Australia:

  1. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

One possibly cannot visit Australia and miss the Sydney Harbor bridge – the landmark attraction of the country! But, if you really want to enjoy this world famous attraction, we would recommend you to climb this incredibly adventurous bridge to keep the adrenaline levels high! The stunning view of Sydney from the top, especially at night make the entire climb worthwhile!

  1. Look at the sunsetting over Uluru
Uluru Sunset    Source

Uluru or Ayers Rock is the most famous natural attraction in the whole of Australia and it is the erstwhile sacred mountain of the aboriginals who have very tastefully adorned it with multiple paintings and engravings over centuries. You have the option to either climb atop the 1,142 foot rock or take a 3-hour walk around the circumference. Make sure you stay for the sunset and witness the majestic red hues of the sky.

  1. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef

Another natural wonder of the world which is also visible from the moon, The Great Barrier Reef is a destination that you have to explore in Australia! Since experts suggest that this wonder is not going to stay for a very long time, make sure you take a day trip on one of the days to dive out to the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns and  swim to the surface to look at some of the 1500 species of fish and 300 types of coral life thriving here.

  1. Drive on the Great Ocean Road

You cannot visit Australia and not drive on the most famous Great Ocean Road there! The road stretches for approximately 243 km and is the best drive you will ever embark upon! On the route, you can sight everything ranging from waterfalls to wildlife and even stop by rainforests! Stop by the sea and order the iconic fish and chips for the most authentic Australian experience.

  1. 5. Go skydiving

Yeah, we know you might have skydived somewhere in Europe or elsewhere before, but free falling from the sky over Sydney or Cairns is an experience in itself that you would not want to miss! This is a must-do experience in Australia for all the adrenaline junkies!

  1. Swim with whale sharks

If you are a water baby and underwater adventures excite you, then head to the coral coast of Western Australia for the underwater experience of a lifetime! The best time for this is during the months of mid-March to mid-July when whale shark watching and snorkeling tours from Ningaloo Reef are extremely popular!

  1. Visit Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land is an unspoilt and remote land which symbolises the quintessential Australian experience. This land stretches over more than 90,000 square kilometres of tropical wilderness in Aussie outback! Scientists have traced the oldest living culture here to more than 50,000 years ago and this area is proud of its barramundi fishing, crystal clear coastal waters for amazing snorkeling and scuba diving and many more attractions!

  1. Look at the Aurora Australis
Auro Australis   SOURCE

One of the most popular tourist experiences in the world is witnessing The Northern Lights in all their glory! This is a natural light show which is rare, incredible and special! These lights are an impressive spectacle in the sky where luminescent light dances across the night sky and makes it a lifetime experience for many!

  1. Sail the Whitsundays

You might not have heard as much of The Whitsundays as a few other things in the list but let us assure you, they are equally awesome! It is basically a collection of 74 secluded bays located off the coast of Queensland near the Great Barrier Reef. For the best time ever, look into Wings Bareboat Charter Whitsundays to go on a sailing trip around this location, and we are sure that you will come back with a dozen of Instagrammable shots!

  1. Go wine tasting at the Swan Valley Winery

Being the oldest wine producing region in the Perth region, you have to give it a chance during your time in Australia! We can guarantee you that you will be served with many excited wines and cheese! Many vineyards here are operated by the same families of Italian and Croatian origin who set these up in the 1920s. They even come and greet visitors, and if you are lucky, might even give you a tour to the cellars!

After going through this list of amazing attractions that one can experience in Australia, we are sure you have started making your plans for this vacation already! So, put on your tourist hat on  and get, set, book!