10 Things That Should Be On Your Office Desk

Mitzi Ilagan | ExecutiveChronicles.com

For employees who work for 8 hours a day, 5 days in a week, you would likely spend more of your time  in your work station rather than at your comfy sofa bed at home. It would become your second home already. And just like a home, what you need should be accessible and available on your office desk (except for bulky and personal things), in case you need it.


A calendar with extra spaces where you could scribble notes would be helpful so that you won’t forget meetings, deadlines and of course, payday.

Sticky Notes

If you’ve been given a lot of tasks for the week, sticky notes would help you remember them, including the details. You could even write down one-liners and them stick them to your workmates’ desks for a little motivation for the day.


When attending meetings, a notebook would be essential for you to be able to jot down notes. You could also keep track of what you have done and what you haven’t with a handy notebook with you.

Water bottle

At the office or not, you are to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated and healthy. It is not advisable to have a glass with you on your desk because it might spill down your notes or your keyboard so having a water bottle would be better.

Earphones or headset

There will be days when you would feel like you’re just too annoyed and irritated at everyone, without them even trying to talk to you. Worse is, some people may be insensitive enough as they chitchat all throughout the day and everyone else, including yourself, is being distracted. Earphones are the best way to slip away from the chaos in the workplace.


Your cellphone is one of the most useful things that you could have because it could work as a notepad, calendar, flashlight and a computer all in one device. That is why, keeping a charger would save you from inconvenience, especially when you couldn’t borrow from anyone else.


When deadline’s at 1 pm, you just have no choice but to stay in for lunch. Biscuits, fruits and candies usually the most handy to have. On lazy days, these food would save you from unproductivity and boredom. Remember not to bring food that may spill or leave crumbs on your desktop or are too loud and annoying to be eaten in the workplace.


It may be sunny on your way to your office, but on 4 pm, rain suddenly falls. It will always be safe to have extra slipper under your desk, to save your new pair of stilettos from getting wet and muddy. Even when it is not raining outside, a pair of slippers would be an alternative if ever your feet gets too tired and worn out inside a your flats.

Grooming kit

Aside from a makeup kit, you should have a grooming bag ready. It should include tissues (in case you’re having a runny nose or something spills down your desk); hand sanitizer (hygiene must always be a priority); toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss (so you’re ready if your boss calls for an emergency meeting); rubber bands (for loose hair which annoys your face, it can also be used to tie up things); and a mirror (so as to check your appearance before talking to a client or your boss, or when you feel something weird around your face).

First Aid kit

In case something happens unexpectedly, you should be a girl/boy scout ready with a kit. The essentials are: band-aids (for small cuts, blisters from your newly-bought heels); medicicnes (painkillers for sudden jolts of pain, cramps, or headache); alcohol (for hygienic purposes) and some vitamins (for your everyday guard against bacteria or germs).

These are the essentials and are not necessarily newly-bought, but when you have these on your desk, it’ll surely be a hassle-free workday.

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