10 Small Steps Towards Happiness


Mitzi Ilagan | ExecutiveChronicles.com

Millennial or not, we all go through tough times, and all we could think about is taking a break. It sounds like a good idea, but wouldn’t it be better to go through life as you take things positively?


  1. Wake up early and see the beautiful world light up as you do.


  1. Eat healthy. Don’t deprive yourself of the food that you crave for, but never forget to eat food which would make you look and feel good better, too. Good health is one step towards happiness. 


  1. Take down notes. You’ll never have to stress out about the things which you may not remember later on. Keep a list either on your notepad or your smartphone, or maybe both.


  1. Keep track of what happens to you. You could do this personally though a diary, or through social media. In that way, you’ll get to share good vibes from what you have experienced, or maybe have them learn from you, too.


  1. Take care of yourself. Treating your body to a luxurious bath, slipping into your most comfy clothes, and then taking chamomile tea will make you realize how beautiful life is.


  1. Organize your things. Even at the office, keeping things in place will make you feel like everything’s in order. If you need something, you’ll remember where you have placed them because it is organized.


  1. Hang out with your friends. Catch up with your old colleagues once in awhile, and spend some time with your all-time friends on some days. Expand your circle so that you’ll have more people to make your life more interesting. Real happiness is felt with genuine laughter and memories shared with your loved ones.


  1. Cut out the negatives. These will do no good in your existence. They may only pull you downwards, so might as well let them out of your circle. Happiness means absence of the bad vibes, right?


  1. Work hard. Who does not dream of becoming rich and successful someday? Start by finishing your to-do list, and never cram.


  1. Thank life. Thank life for your bed, your Facebook friends, your Asian dinner, your fur slippers, your new smartphone. Thank God for the little things.