10 Guilt-free Alternatives to Gratify Your Sweet Tooth


Executive Chronicles |  Are you on a weight loss diet and finding it hard to resist on your cravings?

I know this is the toughest part because you are asked to cut down on your favourites.

While it perhaps is easier to say NO to other foods but if you have a sweet tooth, then it really makes it difficult to fight the urge.

Wonder how to deal with it without feeling sinful?

We tell you the trick.

How about having sweets that are relatively healthy and nutritious? All it needs you to be a little selective with your menu.

Instead of the regular sweets, try these alternatives –

  1. Sweet fruits: If you are fond of candies, fruits can be the best alternative. They have the highest nutritional value.

Just stockpile some toothsome fruits like blackberries, strawberries, cherries, pineapples and they will serve like candies to you any time of the day.

You can also try this tasty rainbow waffle recipe which is a blend of some amazing fruits and is highly nutritious.

Aren’t they the healthiest substitute?

  1. Flavored yogurt: The idea of consuming plain yogurt seems to be boring. How about adding a little flavour to your usual yogurt?

Rather than consuming high calorie flavored yogurt, you can simply elevate the taste of your simple yogurt using a handful of berries and 1-2 teaspoons of honey.

You will enjoy an awesome yet healthful desert by simply mashing these ingredients.

  1. Dip some chocolate: Who doesn’t love chocolate? I’m sure you do too.

You can enjoy chocolate by dipping some lip smacking fruits and foods in it like strawberries, apple wedges, macaroons, peanut butter cookies etc.

This way you can take minimal calories.

Instead of trying the regular chocolates, try some recipes involving dark chocolates. You’ll be amazed to know the benefits dark chocolate has to offer.

  1. Baked apple or pear chocolate nachos: Sounds yummy, isn’t it?

You can simply bake apples and pears, or any other fruits if you like. Simply garnish it with chocolate syrup, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.

You can also add some honey if you like. Make everyone awestruck with this healthy yet tasty alternative to your usual sweets.  

  1. Tutti frutti smoothies: One of the most delicious ways to gratify your urge is to make your very own smoothie.

You can use a mix of different fruits every time you like to have a fresh flavour. The inclusion of fruit mix makes it a healthier option.

You can add some cocoa powder or a little red wine to it to enhance the taste.

  1. Coconut Bombs: Coconut and coconut oil help in burning a lot of fat.

Coconut oil fat bombs are tiny delicious balls that will act as a tempting dessert any time of the day.

These are laden with good fats for the body and provides you with energy and stamina.

Just pour on some chocolate syrup and these will be a perfect snack for you for mid mornings.

  1. Homemade cookies: You must have been worrying when you are buying cookies. Most of them are high on calories, especially the ones coated with chocolate and vanilla agents.

Try to bake your own cookies by carefully choosing ingredients that are low on calories. Addition of dry fruits would make them healthy. Restrain from using synthetic sugar.

  1. Low calorie brownies: Who said that brownies cannot be healthy? It’s not necessary to load your brownies with dense calorie desserts.

You can pick healthier ingredients and still keep it wholesome.

Try including peanut butter, bananas, protein powder and cocoa powder. Dress it up with some delicious fruits like raspberry and chocolate chips to make the taste heavenly.  There are loads of healthy brownie recipes that can be found easily.

This will be way more nutritive and energy giving.

  1. Flavoured oatmeal: One of the most perfect breakfast recipe is that of oatmeal. It’s a 2 minute snack to prepare and you can find ample of varieties along with sugar free options to go with.

You can make it healthier by adding some dry fruits to it. Make it sweeter by adding honey to it.

  1. Frozen foodstuffs: There are so many food items that you can actually dish up as an ice cream. Try mouth watering fruits like berries, grapes, melons and lots more.

Not just fruits, but you can go for lip smacking weight smoothies which will taste like popsicles, flavored cupcakes and so much more.

Enjoy these divine retreats effortlessly by simple freezing them!

Go on and gorge on your sweet tooth with these awesome and healthy foodstuffs. Have a little of everything you like.

But only a little if you have to keep that guilt at bay 😉