10 Best Online Shopping Tips for Big Savings

10 Best Online Shopping Tips for Big Savings

Executive Chronicles  | 10 Best Online Shopping Tips for Big Savings | Did you know that online shopping accounted for more than 21% of all retail sales in the US in 2020? It’s never been easier to order virtually anything in the world from the comfort of your own home. 

Unfortunately for your budget, that can often lead to overspending. Have no fear! You can still enjoy the thrill of online shopping without putting too much of a strain on your wallet. 

Keep reading to learn about the best online shopping tips to help you save money while filling your digital shopping cart.

1. Shop Around for Deals

If you have an idea of what you’re shopping for, start by doing an online search for the product name or model number. This can help you see which stores offer the product for the best price. 

However, you can still score deals even if you’re not sure what you want. There are services that gather daily deals across a variety of sites so you can see what’s on sale. For example, check out these deals to see the best discounted products on Amazon. If you don’t do price comparisons before checking out, you could be missing out on a steal. 

2. Always Search for a Coupon

Many companies offer discounts for their customers, but they’re not always easy to find. Before you make your purchase, do a little research for coupons first. Start by doing an online search for “[company/product name] coupon code” to see if anything comes up. 

You can also look on the company’s social media pages to see if they’re offering any current online coupons. You might also use a browser extension that automatically searches the internet for coupon codes to see if there are additional ways to save.

3. Stop Mindlessly Scrolling

One of the best ways to save money when shopping online is to be mindful of your shopping habits. If you’re aimlessly scrolling through social media, it’s only a matter of minutes before you’re presented with a highly targeted ad, aimed to make you buy. This can lead to buying things you don’t really need, and spending money you don’t want to spend. 

Instead, make a list of the things you want to buy, and stick to it, making the purchase only when you find a good deal.

4. Stock up During Sales

Some companies only run a few sales per year. In that case, it makes sense to stock up when their products are on sale. For example, let’s say your favorite candles are on sale twice a year. Think about how often you want to use them, then buy enough to last you until the next sale. 

This is ideal for products you know you love, so you know you’re spending your money wisely.

5. Shop Ahead

Do you find yourself doing all of your holiday shopping at once? Since companies know there’s a higher demand leading up to the holiday season, they may not offer their best discounts in the weeks leading up to the holidays. Further, if you wait too long, you may have to pay expedited shipping fees to get your gifts in time. 

You can avoid all of this by instead shopping for holiday gifts throughout the whole year. Make a list of gift ideas for the special people in your life, then buy them throughout the year when you find a good deal. You’ll save yourself money (and stress!) in the process.

6. Join Company Email Lists

When you visit a site for the first time, you might notice that they ask you to join their email list. In many cases, these companies will offer a discount just for signing up, such as 10% off your first purchase. 

If you want to take advantage of these deals without overloading your inbox, you may want to create an email address specifically for shopping deals. Then, all of the best promo emails will be in one place!

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Abandon Your Shopping Cart

Did you know that companies can see if you add items to your cart without going through with your purchase? In many cases, this works in your favor. Companies know that you’re seriously thinking about making a purchase and they want to incentivize you to complete the transaction. 

In many cases, they’ll send you an email a few days later, reminding you that you still have items in your cart. And, sometimes they’ll include a discount to encourage you to finish the purchase. It can pay to wait!

8. Shop Secondhand Stores

Depending on what you’re hoping to buy, consider buying used products instead of new ones. There are online thrift stores that sell high-end used clothing at discounted prices. Or, you can buy open-box or refurbished electronics at a steep discount. 

Don’t forget to look for local sellers online too. Checking out neighborhood groups to see what people are selling locally is a great way to save on costs and eliminate the need for shipping.

9. Don’t Overlook Online Reviews

Have you ever been burned on an online purchase? Unfortunately, sometimes what you think you’re ordering doesn’t always match the reality. Even if you return it and get your money back, it can feel like a waste of your time, money, and effort. 

To help avoid needlessly spending money on low-quality products, be sure to read through online reviews before you complete your purchase. Some reviews include pictures, which is a great way to see exactly what you’re buying.

10. Join Online Shopping Communities

There are whole online communities dedicated to shopping and finding the best deals. Many of these sites include community forums, where members share good deals, give product feedback, etc.

Before your next online shopping spree, do some research for these forums so you can learn from others. Plus, you might even make a few online friends along the way. 

Put These Online Shopping Tips to Use

Now that you’ve read through our list of the best online shopping tips, it’s time to fill your cart! You’re now equipped to find deals so you know your money will go farther. 

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